Monday, February 7, 2011

Back to life...

Back to reality.

Man I haven't blogged in awhile, not that I have much of an audience, but still. Last week was INSANE! I worked Monday....and that was all. I had 4....repeat....FOUR snow days in a row!!!! Well, I was excited about it at first, but then as the week went on I got a little stir crazy......cabin fever much??? I don't know how the yanks do it, us southerners are definitely NOT used to FOUR days of snow/ice/mush.

Not much to update on though, surprisingly. The dogs enjoyed the now, Rylan enjoyed the snow, I enjoyed the snow.....blah blah blah. On the up side I did get to talk to Alex A LOT more than usual, which left us at the end of the weekend with NOTHING to talk about....literally.

Saturday morning I have an appointment to try on wedding dresses!!!! And I've already picked the bridesmaid dresses! I feel like I'm ahead. In fact, last time I posted I was talking about spending the weekend with Alex's parents. I did, it went wonderful! I met a lot of his family at his little sister's birthday party. Then Sunday morning I went fishing with Alex's dad, which was AMAZING! I caught 8 catfish! One was 4 pounds! Then Cheryl and I went browsing and wedding stuff, and pretty much have the entire wedding planned now! I have no idea what I'd do without her, I wasn't getting anywhere fast by myself. Being slightly overwhelmed makes me excessively indecisive.

We're going with a chocolate brown and turquoise theme (the dresses are listed as espresso and jade); we're looking at two venues right now; we have our reverend picked out; Cheryl will be making our cakes, cause she's amazing at it; Alex will be wearing his Green Dress Class A's; we have our idea for centerpieces; we're either smoking brisket with sides, or doing deli sandwiches with sides; and I can't think of anything else right now.
Basically I need to do save the dates (December 10th!!!), invites, flowers, and my dress.
I think....

Anyways here's some pictures from SNOW WEEK IN TEXAS!!!

 June is a little camera shy