Thursday, January 20, 2011

Across the Universe

Lately I've been on an Across the Universe soundtrack kick, I loved the movie when I saw it last summer. My sister left her ipod with me because she knows her nephew loves it, so I have taken it over and she just happens to have the soundtrack on there. So it's been "Hey Jude" and "All My Loving" for 3 days now :)

So last night I went wedding dress browsing and ended up spending 2 hours in the store with Jackie trying them on. I found one I really like, but my indecisiveness is keeping me from saying "it's the one" so I will continue to shop around until I get that "this is it" feeling I guess lol. In two weeks I have an appointment to go look at a venue. I've narrowed it down to three, I think lol. Jackie is going with me, so hopefully I'll get some feedback.

After wedding dress shopping last night Jackie and I went to On The Border! I think I finally found a drink that Jackie will actually DRINK.....strawberry daiquiri's haha! I had a pina colada with my appetizer and then a nice cold beer with my nachos. <---- Thats right, I had nachos, and NO they're not on my diet. But damn it I hate diets, and I think I deserve to cheat every now and then. I've been doing good-ish. It'd probably be better if I actually went to the gym like I initially planned to, but my energy level lately has been zilch and that decreases my motivation greatly.

I'm pretty sure I accidentally potty trained Athena already. Now this is a great thing, but I didn't really do anything. She's a smart little thing, that makes things easier on me!

Mmk, I'm done for now.....I gotta get to work.

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